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About Licensing
Licensing is where an individual or corporation (the Licensor),grants permission to a Sole Trader, Partnership, Trust/Company or approved instrumentality (the Licensee), to perform a specified business function or carry on a particular arrangement, subject to the terms an conditions contained in a written agreement.

As far as the general day today running of the business is concerned, the Licensee operates as an independent distributor of the Products and Services described in the Licensed Post Office Agreement.

If you are approved as an Australia Post Licensee, you will be given product advice, a copy of the Licensed Post Office Manual and various other manuals/guides which detail Post's business systems and procedures.

Following payment of a ´Contribution to Training´ fee you will also receive a minimum of 4 weeks (unpaid) training.
This information was directly sourced from the"Information Booklet for Prospective Licensees by the Australia Post 04/03" We shall endeavor to keep it up to date with the latest issues. This is designed as a guide only and Tarshay Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any issues relating to this information.