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An Overview of the Assignment Process
The following is the process currently in place should you decide to become an Australian Post Licensee.
  1. Existing Licensee contacts their Australia Post Area Office to inform of a potential assignment and provide your details.
  2. Australia Post will then forward a Consent to Obtain Personal Information Licensed Post Office Applicants form which must be completed and returned as soon as possible.
  3. At the interview you will be required to complete the Application to Operate a Licensed Post Office form, a Confidentiality Agreement and a Numeric Reasoning, General Reasoning and Work Attitude assessment.
  4. The following will also be required at the interview -
    Your personal and business certificates including:
    • ABN;
    • Birth certificate, proof of Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency;
    • Certificate of Incorporation (if a Company);
    • Memorandum and Article of Association of the Company (if a Company);
    • Details of previous work experience.
    • Name, address and contact details of 2 personal and 2 business referees;
    • Details of any personal company bankruptcy or liquidation; and
    • Details of any criminal history.
    The Australia Post representative will provide a brief overview of the Licensed Post Office you wish to operate.
  5. Following the interview Australia Post will evaluate your application, assessment results, criminal history report, and referees to confirm your suitability to continue through the process.
  6. If you pass the selection criteria of the first interview, Australia Post will arrange a second interview. At this interview you will be required to present a basic business plan for the Licensed Post Office under consideration. Details should include strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the business and how you intend to use and overcome them. A disclosure document as required under the Franchising Code of Conduct* will be provided to you. Payment for the contribution to training will also be required at this stage.
  7. Unpaid computer based training will commence at a corporate PostShop.
  8. At the conclusion of the training period you will be required to complete a test on the subjects studied.
  9. If training has been successful, further training will take place at the Licensed Post Office being assigned.
  10. The final step is the signing of the Licensed Post Office Agreement on commencement as a Licensee.
  11. * Further information on the Franchising Code of Conduct can be found at www.accc.gov.au/smallbus
This information was directly sourced from the"Information Booklet for Prospective Licensees by the Australia Post 04/03" We shall endeavor to keep it up to date with the latest issues. This is designed as a guide only and Tarshay Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any issues relating to this information.