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PO For Sale
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Products and Services
  • Postage Stamps and prepaid stationery
  • Money Orders
  • Banking Services
  • Bill Payment services for third party agency principles, e.g.. Telstra
  • Mail acceptance and processing
  • Philatelic items (Stamp Collecting Products)
  • Postpak products
  • Complementary products, such as cards, stationary and gifts
  • Post Office Boxes
Australia Post competes with other retailers in the industry. In this market, the following two principles are paramount:
  • The product range within categories should be extensive, and
  • Staff should have good product/service knowledge and quality customer service should be paramount.
Specialised retail marketing requires knowledge of the customer base and steps are constantly being undertaken to capture and increase Australia Post's market share.

When you examine postal outlets you will see that Australia Post has focused its attention on catering for customers who wish to browse in comfortable and friendly surroundings and easily locate the right products at competitive prices.
This information was directly sourced from the"Information Booklet for Prospective Licensees by the Australia Post 04/03" We shall endeavor to keep it up to date with the latest issues. This is designed as a guide only and Tarshay Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any issues relating to this information.