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The Retail Network
Australia Post's Retail network is the window to its retail customers. Licensed Post Offices comprise over 65% of the national network of postal outlets.

There are two types of Licensed Post Offices:
This is a Licensed Post Office which is operated in conjunction with another business or activity approved by Australia Post from a separate and defined area in the premises. The types of business suitable for in Conjunction operation my include chemists, gift and stationery shops, general stores,and newsagents. The need for postal products, agency bill payment and banking facilities is an incentive for customers to visit the outlet and increases the opportunity for purchases of other products. Depending on local circumstances and Australia Post approval, the operation of a Licensed Post Office, in most instances, can be incorporated into an existing business.
As the name implies, Stand Alone outlets are not operated in conjunction with any other business.

Generally, Stand Alone outlets carry a wider range of Australia Post related products and services.
This information was directly sourced from the"Information Booklet for Prospective Licensees by the Australia Post 04/03" We shall endeavor to keep it up to date with the latest issues. This is designed as a guide only and Tarshay Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any issues relating to this information.